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Metro Magazine

I have a couple of illustrations in the current issue of Metro Magazine - out now. Big thanks to AD Jessica Allen.

Recent posts


Here is a peek at an illustration I worked on recently as a pitch for a project that ultimately went in a different direction. Still fun though.


This Earth and space related illustration is a slightly modified version of a magazine cover that I did earlier this year.  Always fun to do something about space and the cosmos...

Interior art from In Focus: Cities...

Here are some of my illustrations from inside the book.

New Book!

In Focus: Cities has just been realeased, a beautifully designed book in which I was one of ten illustrators asked to illustrate various cities around the world. I was asked to illustrate Rome. The book was created by Libby Walden, and published by Little Tiger.
It was a pleasure to be involved in this wonderful book, and to be included with a group of such talented artists!

Spruce Island

This spruce-covered island is an illustration that I did recently as a private commission...

Central Massachusetts...

Here is a map of Central Massachusetts that I did recently for the Massvacation website, which is a Travel & Tourism website promoting Massachusetts as a place to visit and do fun things.